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Finding The Fourth Beatle

The Fourth Beatle Film Production Team




Garry Popper

Garry trained as a graphic designer with the intention of going on to become a film director.

Roger Appleton

Roger is not only a director of Get Back Films, he is also a director of our associate company Brightmoon Media.

John Adams

Among his many talents, John is not only a director of Get Back Films but also CEO at the growing Evolutionary Films in London.

Get Back Films


The founding trio of directors came together with a specific aim to develop a slate of new and original works for all media created or devised by the CEO, Garry Popper. But nothing works better, faster and more efficiently than team effort, a shared vision and mutual respect for each individual’s talents. With that in mind, we have brought our respective (and respected) strengths to the party, and Get Back Films is steadily building a collective slate of solid work that spreads across several media forms, with particular emphasis firmly rooted in documentary and film production.

We do pictures because we love pictures. Pure and Simple! The moving image is where we express ourselves and our endeavours best of all. GBF’s main production output is fixed on Liverpool and Merseyside where a rich vein of untapped material, locations, and a seaming endless pool of talent makes it a good place to work – and play. And it’s no coincidence that our recent production efforts have focused on Liverpool themes. As a result the company is busy building a block of solid intellectual properties, all of them generated in-house, as well as quality short productions for third parties and developing material for future productions. Some, but not all of these, are shown here.

At a professional level our efforts are focused on subjects we like; strong topics, powerful storylines that we know something about; stories that enlighten and inform; or thrill, or make you laugh – or cry - but above all to entertain. In the process our creativity is balanced with a sensible eye on business reality, hence most of our work is with mainstream audiences in mind. After all, there’s nothing to be gained playing to an empty room!  


Garry trained as a graphic designer with the intention of going on to become a film director. The death of his father halted the dream for 40 years. After winning the Designer of the Year Award in 1973 he rose to become variously Head of Design, Creative Director, Marketing Manager, and Marketing Director with several blue chip national and international agencies and organisations before starting a design concept and management consultancy with clients as diverse as BAe Aero Space and Defence Systems, Park Lane Management, Marconi and Port of London Authority.

Versed in two and three dimensional design, production, manufacturing and marketing methods, Garry’s creative output has generated many other pet projects including 17 published children’s books, animation, a series of new patent inventions for multi-visual display technology systems and a range of sports footwear. Skilled in contract and patent law, Garry combined his marketing and management roles and returned to his lifelong dream of film production in 2008. Since then he has produced Get Back: The City That Rocked the World in 2013, Looking for Lennon in 2017 and is now busy researching, writing and producing Finding the Fourth Beatle – the book and the film.

JOHN ADAMS: Executive Producer

Among his many talents, John is not only a director of Get Back Films but also CEO at growing Evolutionary Films in London. He has been an established Producer, Line Producer, Production Manager and 1st Assist Director on projects including Good Arrows, The Shouting Men, Kick Off, Pimp, FitCleanskin, BashmentVictim, Podaa PodiDemons Never Die, Twenty8K, Tezz and two seasons with flagship Discovery Channel television show Jungle Gold (including running the unit on location in the remote jungles of West Africa).

He also spent a year as Supervising Producer at Raw Television in London, developing and producing high-risk US reality TV programming in challenging and remote locations around the world.

Alongside his commitments to Get Back Films John is CEO of Get Back’s international sales company Evolutionary Film. His own company Angry Badger Pictures has produced or co-produced feature films S.N.U.B!, the iTunes UK chart topping The Magnificent Eleven (featuring Robert Vaughn (The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and member of The Magnificent Seven), Payback Season (the acting debut of Sir Geoff Hurst alongside BAFTA Rising Star Award Winner Adam Deacon), Get Back: The City That Rocked The World, Looking For Lennon, and Noel Clarke’s Legacy (in association with Universal Pictures).


Roger is not only a director of Get Back Films, he is also a director of our associate company Brightmoon Media. Together we share the office “boot room” facilities.

You’ve probably seen some, or maybe a lot, of Roger’s work on TV because over the years he has produced more than 40 broadcast films for BBC, Granada TV and Channel Five, as well as for independent production companies and direct commissions for corporate clients, he is also well known for his work in the music and arts sector, with a documentary piece on some old football manager called Ferguson (but we forgave him). More recently he directed and produced The Faith Debates series, filmed in Whitehall’s palace of power. Roger’s entire output is quite large, so we robbed some more space from John Adams’ massive biog to give you a quick idea.

Credits include:

Director/Editor: Finding the Fourth Beatle. Get Back Films

Feature film documentary on the 18 drummers who put the beat behind the Fab Three. Worldwide.

Director/Editor: Looking for Lennon. Get Back Films and Seis Productions Ltd

Feature film documentary on the pre-fame life and times of young John Lennon. Worldwide.

Director/Editor: Get Back: City That Rocked the World.  Get Back Films and Speis/Premiere Picture. Film documentary celebrating 60 years of Liverpool music for worldwide distribution.

Director/Editor: Passport To Liverpool. BBC4

Feature documentary looking at the history of a great sea port and its people.

Director: Tim Marlow at the Liverpool Biennial. Channel Five

Arts documentary about the Liverpool Biennial with artists including Yoko Ono.

Executive Producer: The Art of Football. Granada ITV

Arts documentary on the making of a statue bust of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Series Producer: Key 103. Granada ITV

6 part documentary series featuring local independent radio station K103 in Manchester.

Producer: Night Frontier. BBC2

Drama/documentary for 10X10.

Producer: West Bank:Twin Town. Granada ITV

Arts Documentary following twins making music, art and photography.

Associate Producer: Squaring Up. Granada. ITV

4 part series following a boxing club from Ellesmere Port fighting in the Bronx, New York.

Associate Producer: Playing Away. Granada ITV

4 part series following amateur footballers playing in a tournament in Dallas,Texas.

Executive Producer: Taxi Knights. Granada ITV

Documentary following night time taxi drivers in Liverpool.

Executive Producer: Liverpool - Why the Attitude? Granada ITV

Social documentary


As well as being one of the founding directors of Get Back Films, John Adams is CEO of associate company Angry Badger Pictures, an independent UK production company specialising in the development, structuring, producing and delivery of quality, commercial feature film content for the international marketplace. John and his father Pete formed the company in 2008, working closely with other established production partners Ron Purdie (The Avengers (and New Avengers), Death on the Nile, The Professionals, Who Dares Wins, Death Wish 3) and Ian Dray (Bloody SundayDream Team, Mile HighBorn Survivor, I Shouldn't Be Alive).

Following John’s engagement on Steven Spielberg’s Band of Brothers for the full ten episode shoot, John also acted as a specialist advisor or military script editor on projects such as BelowThe Four Feathers, The GatheringThe Queen, The Shell Seekers, Eastenders, the Electronic Arts (EA) video game Black and the Chrysler Jeep (Band of Brothers) advertising campaign for US television. A father and son writing team, Pete and John have written the screenplays for Angry Badger Pictures’ projects S.N.U.B! and The Magnificent Eleven co-written with Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh.


Get Back Films first teamed up with ‘EVO’ in 2013 with a view to handling its international sales and distribution and has had a productive association with the organisation ever since. EVO integrates international sales, finance, executive production and distribution encompassing theatrical, television and home Video/DVD. With offices in the London, Liverpool and the USA, EVO looks has seen steady exapansion and is now firmly focussed on international sales of film, television and film libraries.


Films couldn’t be produced without financial backers, especially professionals with an eye for good product, so it’s fortuitous that Get Back Films has established a firm relationship with Premiere Picture and its chief executives that goes well beyond business.

Premiere Picture is an independent film finance and production company specialising in film business opportunities. Over recent years, it assisted in the raising of several hundred million pounds through various finance structures including its innovative rights trading business Sovereign. Led by a highly experienced team of finance and media professionals Premiere Picture works with leading film finance specialists and producers to finance and co-produce a mix of UK and international productions.


Behind every production there’s always (or should be) a dedicated quiet man who makes sense of the madness by turning organised chaos into a highly organised productiont. Peter Goodwin delivers calm and fathomless technological knowhow in the boiler room. And he’s ours. So hands off!


Alan Watson and Mike Moran have been audio specialists (live, location and post production) and music producers/composers for over fifteen years, successfully developing their careers in media and popular music genres. In recent years they combined the audio production and music skills to create The Vocal Booth, a specialist audio service facility for film, television and electronic media. The Vocal Booth has rapidly become the first choice for many North West producers, directors and production companies, clients including BBC TV, BBC radio, Granada TV, Channel 4, Channel 5, EMAP radio. We’re in good company.


Project and on-location enquiries:

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