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Finding The Fourth Beatle

Finding The Fourth Beatle CD Double Album

One of the options with the “Fourth Beatle” package is the CD Double Album.

What is on it?

We have tracked down tracks by as many of the featured drummers in the book, plus every track of the Decca Audition, Parlophone audition from June 1962, and the first recording sessions at EMI in September 1962. In total, we have 41 tracks, which will be on the double-CD.

There are tracks featuring:

      CD1                                                            CD2

1. In spite of all the Danger                         1. Memphis Tennessee

2. Interview with Tommy Moore                2. Dream Baby

3. It Ain’t Necessarily So                              3. Please Mr. Postman

4. St. Louis Blues                                           4. Besame Mucho

5. My Bonnie                                                  5. Love Me Do (Pete Best)

6. Who Do You Think You Are?                   6. Ask Me Why

7. Like Dreamers Do                                     7. Besame Mucho

8. Money                                                         8. A Picture of You (Live)

9. To Know Her Is To Love Her                  9. Boys

10. Memphis Tennessee                              10. A Picture of You

11. Till There Was You                                 11. What’d I Say

12. Sure To Fall                                             12. How Do You Do It

13. Besame Mucho                                       13. Love Me Do (Ringo)   

14. The Love of the Loved                          14. Love Me Do (A. White)

15. Hello Little Girl                                        15. P.S. I Love You

16. Three Cool Cats                                     16. Please Please Me

17. September in the Rain                          17.I Wanna Hold Your Hand 18. Take Good Care of My Baby                 18. Twenty Flight Rock

19. Cryin, Waitin, Hoping                             19. Love Me Do (Nicol)

20. The Sheik of Araby                                 20. Back in the USSR

21. Searchin’

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